Ordering Young Living Oils:



Do I have to sign up? What do you mean?


Signing up with Young Living is just like signing up for an account on Amazon.com, or any other website used for shopping, enabling you to place your order. 


What is the difference between signing up as a Distributor, Essential Rewards and Customer? 


Signing up as a Distributor is a great option for those of you who use Young Living oils regularly. In signing up as a Distributor, you simply commit to placing one order within the following year. That's it! You pay an extra $40.00 at sign-up, but receive all future products at wholesale prices. With such a small commitment and such great benefits, it is a great option for almost anyone looking to get Young Living products more than just this one time. You also get the Start Living Kit at sign-up that includes the essential oils Lavender and Peppermint, NingXia Red Single samples, booklets, brochures, DVD's and other business tools should you decide to share the products with all of your friends. 

What is Essential Rewards?

This is when you think you would like to earn points because you order products every month. You may also wanto to sign up friends and family to buy oils and other Young Living Products. There is a minumum order of $50.00 per month and you will be able to earn points towards products as well as possibly earn commision each month. Read more on the Young Living page to learn about the benefits of being an Essential Rewards member. 


Signing up as a Customer costs nothing, but provides no benefits or extra options or wholesale cost. It is simply the standard account needed to make a purchase of Young Living products.