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Open to Your Soul 



Friday 11am - 6pm PST

Saturday 10am- 5pm PST

Sunday 10am - 5pm PST



Next Workshop Date TBD



Open to Your Soul is three full days of healing, learning, and opening to remembering all of who you are. This workshop is primarily for those of you who have been working with a Soul Memory Practitioner and would like to learn to use several of the processes on yourself. If you feel called to learn these processes and have not had a Soul Memory session you may set one up with me before we begin the workshop. 
I am limiting this workshop to 10 participants so that I may guide each of you with great care as we master these processes together. These processes are very powerful and full of wisdom and I look forward to spending every minute with all of you, as we play and open up to spirit.  We will have a one-hour lunch break each day and I will provide snacks, water, tea, and coffee for us throughout our time together.
Here is an outline and VERY brief description of what we will be learning over the three days: 

1. The Polarity Balance and Pendulum Use - This is a beautiful balance used to center ourselves in all vibrations, frequencies, and dimensions. We will also review and practice pendulum use to get everyone comfortable.  Click Here to go the Pendulum use and care page on my website. Please practice before coming to class. 

2. The Invocation-  The background of this opening and use to create sacred space.

3. Releasing Karma - Learning how to accelerate your wisdom around your lessons and change the patterns that have imprinted upon you. This is a graceful releasing of the old programming and creating a newer higher level of experiencing the path.  

4. The Male-Female Balance - Used when a karmic issue has created an imbalance- we will go into detail about how this balance works.    

5. Exploring Relationships- This one is full of fun! Looking at past relationships and who, what, when and where you have been together over many incarnations and how this history may be affecting you in the here and now.    

6. Souls - Learning about what a soul is and how it evolves.  

7. Looking at Evolution  - Here we learn all about what our soul has been, where it originated and how many times it has been embodied here on Earth plus a whole lot more!    

8. The Telecommunication Process   - A process to learn how to speak Soul to Soul to heal trauma, to gather answers and to place more light on the path in relationships.

9. The Covenental Communication Process-  One of my favorite processes to align with Truth so that it may emerge in any conversation or situation with compassion helping all involved to evolve toward a reality based in truth.                                                                                                    
 10. Connecting With Masterguides   - find our more about your master guides and who they are and how they support you in your daily life and affairs.                               
 11. Exploring Mission and Purpose   - we will look at what we are specialists in and what we have come to do here on earth in this incarnation.                              
 12. The 15 Ways    - A fun processes to see where you are on the path of the 15 ways we come to master ways of being in matter.      

13. Calling the Goddess-  A process to connect us with the Great Goddess who will no longer stand for self-sacrifice and so help us feel safe to emerge and speak our truth.                                              
14. Trust, Hope, and Faith - A group of processes to help us remain centered and balanced during this time of transition from the 3D world into the 5D world. They help us hold space for the journey.            


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