Below are organizations, therapists, healers and teachers that Susan works with and is happy to share with you!


Therapists and Healers


Ann Myers - Massage Therapist and Arching Light Energy Healer


Grace Cavanaugh- Channel of Light and Divine Consciousness


JoAnna Hennessey - Energy Healer- Body, Mind, Soul Alignment with the Higher Self


Krisite Reeves - Theta Healing Practioner and Fellow Officemate at Good Heart Studio


Michael Kooby - Bioenergetic Chiropractor


Robin Wisdom - Tarot Reader, Oil and Gemstone healing tools made to order

Wisdom Schools and Teachers


Lamberts Lodge - Georiga Lambert- Teacher of Nature of the Soul


Ellen Kaufman Dosick - Master Teacher of Soul Memory Discovery


Specialties, Artists and Pioneers


Lilliangilian - Jewlery design


Natasha Wehba- Jewelery design

Nicole Anderson - Elemental Food Bars


Norton Wisdom - Artist and Performance Art