Monthly Friday Malibu Meditation 





10:30am to 12pm



Address/Map Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: Will there be any date changes? 

A: We will do everything possible to adhere to the calendar days we have set. If the weather brings rain, fire or high winds we will have to cancel as we are outside. We have umbrellas for warm days. Cooler days wear warm clothing and bring a blanket. 


Q: How long are you going to do this? 

A: Victoria and I will offer this program as long as we have a community that enjoys attending! Join in as you wish! I will be posting monthly dates for you to the calendar


Q: I have a friend visiting and they would like to join us

is that okay? 

A: YES! Everyone is welcome. Please RSVP to make sure there is space as it is limited. 


Q: What do I need to bring? 

A:  A bottle of water, journal, pen, yoga mat, blanket and any pillows you need to make yourself comfortable for the deep relaxation part of the meditation. 


Q: I have never meditated before; will I be able to understand what is going on?

A: Yes, I will explain everything as we go along making space for questions and processing.