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Integrative Arts Therapy 

This multi-modality approach values the different ways of learning – visual, auditory and kinesthetic.  When we allow ourselves to play with the arts we can uncover treasures of memories and create mirrors that reflect our inner dialog.  I have many types of media available to take a deeper look at the story that is unfolding. We can unravel the trauma or unresolved issue from different angles and perspectives through drawing and sand tray three dimensional creations. There are certain thoughts, memories and feelings that defy words and so this is when using the creative arts can help us heal.

Some clients feel intimidated when pondering over the use art for reflection. Sadly many have been told they are "not creative" or "not good at drawing". I like to remind everyone that creativity does not belong to only a few talented people. Humans are creative beings by nature and we need to communicate in all the ways we would wish to. The product we are forming while in the therapy room is not what we are interested in, it is the story it is telling us that is sacred.



In Jungian sandplay, clients choose from a  whole world of miniature people, animals,buildings, natural objects and non objective pieces and arrange them in the controlled space of the ‘theatre of the sandbox’. This theatre can  offer a profound overview of important life issues. Once feelings are organized and externalized in sandplay, they can be contemplated from a distance and then consciously reintegrated. The image can enable someone who feels flooded with raw, undigested or very disturbing feelings to move through to reflection and deeper awareness.


Painting, Drawing, Collage  

Using the visual arts to create a mirror of the internal world gives us the ability to use color and image to heal.  Once the visual is created we can go 'inside" the creation and find the story that the art is trying to tell us.  This is an amazing process of untangling unconscious beliefs and old patterns and finding the wisdom that comes forth as a result.

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