Susan creates various workshops throughout the year to parcitipate in to learn and practice meditation. 


There are many health benefits that result from practicing meditation. As we meditate and expand our consciousness we open ourselves up to love and light and begin to see things from a more loving, spiritual view. We become more tolerant of others and find more inner peace and joy...that inner peace touches everyone we come in contact with.

Stress can often be a daily part of our lives. When we become stressed the nervous system responds with an adrenaline rush and either reacts or retreats in response to the stressful experience. The response involves all parts of the nervous system, as well as the endocrine system, and can be consciously or unconsciously mediated. Just driving our cars can be a stressful experience that many perform daily. As meditation is practiced regularly, we find that we are able to handle everyday problems in a calmer and more relaxed manner as we begin to see our problems and difficulties from a new perspective. Through meditation we can train our bodies to work with the breath and so respond to life rather than react. 



Many studies have been done which show how our lives are enhanced both spiritually and physically by meditation. Mental benefits such as: increased mental clarity, improved emotional well-being, increased happiness, improved memory, increased creativity, improved relationships.

The physical benefits include: decrease in respiration, heart rate and in blood pressure. Meditation will calm an agitated mind, creating optimal physical and mental health, undo our sense of separateness, which is the common root of fear and misery, unify consciousness, putting us in touch with our higher self and connect us to our higher consciousness. With regular practice we are able to release any accumulated stress and eventually we learn how to release any emotional baggage we have collected and then with persistence and self awareness we stop collecting it all together!

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