Amethyst clusters bring a tranquil and focused energy into an atmosphere. Amethyst is part of the quartz family so naturally amplifies and attracts life force energy. One of the stones with the highest spiritual vibration, amethyst transmutes lower vibrations into higher frequencies. For example it will transmute rage into love, judgment into compassion, confusion into wisdom. This stone is able to help us by harmonizing our spiritual insight and common sense. As this stone enhances our intuition and psychic gifts it is great to place by the bedside. In a working environment this crystal radiates out energy to clear unproductive and unkind vibrations so that a mind set of  flexibility will settle in when thinking of the group as a whole. To program the crystal meditate what purpose/s you would like assistance with sending from your heart space to the crystal itself.  

To cleanse, Amethyst loves sea salt baths and running water as well as joyful music. It will fade in sunlight but does charge with a light bath from your singing and chants.

Amethyst Cluster Bowl