One of the stones with the highest spiritual vibration, amethyst transmutes lower vibrations into higher frequencies. For example it will assist in transmuting rage into love, judgment into compassion, confusion into wisdom. This stone protects against environmental pollution and so we place it in your field inside your central column that runs from Source through you to the center of the Earth. Imagine it as a cleanser to your central being. This stone can open our consciousness to other realities transmuting ordinary into deep insight and beauty. Harmonizing spiritual insight and common sense it enhances our intuition and psychic gifts. Held in the hands this stone aligns your energetic bodies giving a deeper understanding of what is needing change in order to facilitate expanded consciousness and will absorb negativity- you will notice it becoming very warm. To cleanse- Amethyst loves sea salt baths, dry sea salt as well as joyful music. It will fade in sunlight but does enjoy a light bath from your chants.

~Place one in each hand or in one hand facing down towards the feet to release energy
~Place one in each hand or in one hand facing up to bring in energy
~Place one facing up in the right hand and down in the left hand to create an energy flow.
~You may place one above the head and one in between the feet to create a healing energy.
~Place both above each shoulder to release stress.

Most of all use your intuition to guide energy in, out or around the body. These points may also be used as wands to direct energy when making grids on the body or a layout on its own.

Amethyst Crystal Points