3.00 for one, 5.00 for two 

This stone brings about a calming and peaceful energy. Working in similar ways to Kyanite it encourages free expression of thoughts and feelings connecting us to higher frequencies. Being from the Agate family it is also a nurturing stone and so will support us to overcome fears of being judged, rejected or excluded when expressing our feelings. Its graceful energy helps us communicate in a way that the other can hear and understand us and so urges us to express rather than internalize. It specializes in dissolving old ways of communicating and encourages the male to accept his sensitivity and the female to feel safe to her express wisdom. Placed on the eyes it creates a calming effect and so allows us to create new visions and patterns of relating to one another.

Blue Lace Agate enjoys a sun and moon bath- great one to place out in the window sill for 24hrs on the full moon. It will cleanse with a sea salt bath or dry salt as well.

Blue Lace Agate