10 x 5 inches
Citrine clusters provide a positive and creative atmosphere in the home or office. Citrine is part of the quartz family so naturally amplifies and attracts life force energy. It is a very powerful crystal that absorbs, transmutes and grounds negativity and radiates the power and joy of the sun throughout your surroundings. It is also the stone of abundance, and so helps us remove blockages in acquiring wealth and maintaining the state of abundance. An excellent crystal for smoothing family or business dynamics bringing creative solutions that are cohesive to the group. One of Good Heart Studio's favorite stones citrine brings creativity into the life and the environment as it cleanses your energetic bodies as well as those entering your environment. Sit with the cluster and meditate what purposes you would like assistance with to program the energy.

Citrine does not need to be cleansed, charged or cleared however it does enjoy a good sun bath once in awhile and can be placed in water to wash off dust.

Citrine Cluster 1 10 x 5 inches Very Large