Very powerful crystal that absorbs, transmutes and grounds negativity and brings the power of the sun. Citrine points direct energy. Bringing creativity into the life and the environment it cleanses your energetic bodies as well. It activates your crown chakra opening your intuition.  Citrine brings the yellow ray into our field and so helps us release what is not needed and move into the future with joy and creativity. Citrine does not need to be cleansed. However it does enjoy a good sun bath once in awhile!

~Place one in each hand or in one hand facing down towards the feet to release energy
~Place one in each hand or in one hand facing up to bring in energy
~Place one facing up in the right hand and down in the left hand to create an energy flow.
~You may place one above the head and one in between the feet to create a healing energy.
~Place both above each shoulder to release stress.

Most of all use your intuition to guide energy in, out or around the body. These points may also be used as wands to direct energy when making grids on the body or a layout on its own.

Citrine Points