Wearing spherical beads around the neck allows the stones to radiate out their energy in a  consistent and continual flow as they harmonize with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. To understand in more depth the beauty of the healing of gemstones we recommend The Wisdom of the Gemstone Guardians and Gemstone Energy Medicine Healing Body Mind and Spirit by Michael Katz.
Cleansing: Place in a dry bed of sea salt overnight to cleanse as needed.

This stone holding all the rays of color vibrations brings clarity and amplifies your energy level. Clear quartz radiates balance and clarity and harmonizes with our energy to place priorities in the most supportive and healing order. When our energy is balanced,the flow of universal energy is able to run through our bodies with greater force. Clear quartz specializes in raising energy to the most healing vibration necessary to the wearer. To program the necklace for what you are needing assistance with- sit quietly and meditate with it so that it may store your wishes and radiate out the necessary vibrations to balance and attune you to manifest this purpose for the highest good of all involved.

Clear Quartz Mala Beads