A mixture of Green and Purple Fluorite these wands have a soothing energy when stroked over the skin . Fluorite absorbs stress and negativity like a sponge and if not cleansed often may crack under the pressure it has retained. They are also wonderful when used as a wand to release unwanted entities from the auric field and any negative thought forms that are hanging about in the energy field.  When placed in an environment and not being directed it is a highly protective stone as it also absorbs environmental and electromagnetic pollution and stress. One of the best crystals to use when wishing to create new structures as it dissolves limiting beliefs and helps us to absorb the larger picture. It is like a wonderful tutor who helps us link together what we already know with the next step. A wonderful tool highly recommended for the energy healer wishing assistance in healing all the bodies of their clients. Refer to Judy Halls Crystal Bible for more information.  

Cleanse Fluorite under running water to release the negative energy is has absorbed after each use or as often as possible. You may also place it on top of a citrine cluster or with a citrine stone to cleanse and charge with positive energy.

Flourite Wand