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Hold one garnet in each hand while meditating. 
Garnet is an amazing meditation companion. As garnet cleanses and strengthens all the chakras it also brings passion or a stillness to each area as needed. Coming from the depths of the earth its mass is heavy for its size and it is full of energy bursting out and opening the Root filling it full of support. Our Root holding our basic needs then works with the Garnet to fill our Root with the life force it needs to strengthen and dissolve behavioral patterns that are sabotaging and obsolete ways of dealing with your life. Opening up the heart it brings in self confidence and with the strong link to the pituitary gland can help with your past life recall to bring in past times which will support you in your remembering of the wisdom you carry. Place in a sea salt bath or sea salt dish to cleanse as needed.

Garnet Meditation Companions

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