Known as the Bringer of Light this stone raises consciousness enabling us to connect with Universal energies and so is placed in your field. It deflects unwanted energies like a mirror and forms a boundary to energy shed by another during therapeutic sessions. In this layout it protects against any negative energy bouncing around in the environment. Aligning our physical and higher etheric bodies it assists us in understanding our larger spiritual purpose. This stone stimulates intuition and psychic gifts but is specialized in understanding the timing of bringing up our subconscious patterns into our understanding to prevent resistance, shame and or trauma from the understanding. This stone also releases debris of past lives disappointments and others disappointment and projections that have wedged into our aura. Helping us remember and understand our destiny it is a stone that supports our ascendance into living full time in a higher vibrational world this lifetime. Bringing discernment to the forefront, we relax with our "personal therapist" Labradorite.  Pulling together all the information to present to us it  reflects into our aura our part in the divine unfolding. To cleanse place in a sea salt bath or dry bed of sea salt. Labradorite also benefits from sun and moonlight and enjoys a 24 hr full moon bath to charge its vibration.