Recognized by its deep blue and gold flecks this amazing earth stone is a stress reliever bringing about deep peace. When placed on the brow you can feel an immediate effect and energy pooling in your brain. This stone also promotes the growth of our power and psychic abilities. With its calming effect we journey to other times in which our power and creativity was intact. It contacts our angelic or soul guardians so that we may explore and journey safely. Having a personal "soul guard" this stone recognizes psychic attack and returns it to its source. Holding the knowledge of the power of our spoken word; we journey back with this stone and speak our truth creating a rippling positive effect in the NOW moment. A harmonizer with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, great healing occurs connecting past and present with fearlessness of the future. 

This stone can be cleansed and charged with a sea salt bath or dry bed of salt. It also responds and is charged when placed with fine gemstones and or gold. It very much enjoys the energy companionship -like good old friends…so place it with your diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires and special gold pieces! Perhaps you remember this stone being placed in your golden crown alongside fine gemstones in another time….

Lapis Lazuli