Another stone to help assist in clearing electromagnetic pollution we place this stone in the field.  High in its frequency it will only respond to thought forms that are created in the highest good of all involved. Clearing blockages in our auric field it aids our journey to the Akashic Record in which we can visit all that our soul essence has ever experienced and receive understanding. This understanding may only be available to us in abstract way; in that  the appropriate questions are revealed and so lead us to the answers about how that time is affecting this NOW time. It is an emotional balancer and so helps with any lower vibrations of depression, obsessive thoughts, and despondency and especially mood swings. This stone encourages independence and the knowledge that you have everything in your own being to accomplish your goals.  Deep emotional healing can occur with this stone as it focuses on what is important for the highest good of all involved and filters out the diversions that allow us to justify a decision from the place of the Ego. Place under your pillow for sleep disturbances and to receive deeper understanding and support to change old behavioral patterns. 
Cleanse this stone in sea salt and charge with the sun and moon light.