Wearing spherical beads around the neck allows the stones to radiate out their energy in a  consistent and continual flow as they harmonize with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. To understand in more depth the beauty of the healing of gemstones we recommend The Wisdom of the Gemstone Guardians and Gemstone Energy Medicine Healing Body Mind and Spirit by Michael Katz.
Cleansing: Place in a dry bed of sea salt overnight to cleanse as needed.

Bringing harmony to your cells this necklace clears,attunes and aligns your chakras to spiritual guidance. It grounds your energies into the planet and deeply connects you to Earth Wisdom. This piece is also protective as it absorbs electromagnetic fog, radiation and negative energy. Malachite holds all the Earth's history and so will ground you into the here and now. The energy of malachite will enable you to go to the core of an issue that is taking you off balance and then accept your part in this issue transmuting it into wisdom. Increasing your ability to absorb, process and store new information you will find more ease in understanding complicated concepts and how to express this understanding to another. A heart opener it invites in the acceptance of unconditional love.

Malachite Mala Beads