The intention of meditating with this layout is to create Mastery and Integration of the Ego. As you receive the healing images and messages from this layout and become conscious of your actions, feel aligned and centered it allows you to flow with consciousness, wisdom, harmony, love  and peace in this world.  This set, you will notice, is specialized in bringing about that which has been hidden, places in which we justify or deceive ourselves, both positive gifts and attributes as well as our shadow side that may manipulate and control.

Master Healing Set

  • 1 Shaman Stone
    1 Agate Plate
    2 Hematite
    1 Garnet
    1 Black Tourmaline
    3 Carnelian
    1 Tigers Eye
    1 Yellow Jasper
    1 Sulfur
    1 Citrine Point
    1 Amazonite
    1 Rose Quartz
    1 Kyanite
    2 Shungite
    1 Lapis Lazuli
    1 Blue Lace Agate
    1 Prehnite
    1 Amethyst Point
    1 Lepidolite
    1 Labradorite
    1 Nuumite