Wearing spherical beads around the neck allows the stones to radiate out their energy in a  consistent and continual flow as they harmonize with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. To understand in more depth the beauty of the healing of gemstones we recommend The Wisdom of the Gemstone Guardians and Gemstone Energy Medicine Healing Body Mind and Spirit by Michael Katz.
Cleansing: Place in a dry bed of sea salt overnight to cleanse as needed.

Moonstone is strongly connected to the Moon and intuition. Reflecting the light as the moon does into our energy field we become more aware of the cycles of life and swings of emotion. Known as the stone of new beginnings it draws out belief systems that are outdated, gives you reflection and then dissolves them when you come to acceptance and a new way of thinking. Making us conscious of the unconscious, we become more aware of our impulsive actions and strive for balance. This stones feminine energy encourages stillness and contemplation. Cleansing negativity from our chakras and filling us with grace this stone increases our acceptance of our shadow and light.

Moon Stone Mala Beads