Fred Soll’s ® resin incense is handmade, hand dipped and dried in Tijeras, New Mexico. Fred uses plant and tree resins, herbs, powders, and oils to produce this high quality incense. Designed to be burned in a horizontal, rather than vertical position, each stick of Fred Soll’s® will burn from 1 to 2 ½ hours. Fred refuses to compromise his standards, buying only the highest quality pure resins, herbs, powders, and oils.

Today many people are searching for natural remedies for stress and illnesses. Aromatherapy, although a modern term, has been used for thousands of years for healing. Scientists have shown that many plant essences can produce a calm, relaxed state of mind.
Fred Soll's Nag Champa is Good Heart Studio's absolute favorite. Nag Champa's sweet scent cleanses negativity from the environment producing a calm atmosphere.

Nag Champa Incense