This is the oldest living mineral formed over 3 billion years ago. It opens activates and integrates all the chakras. It grounds all the chakras to the Earth and to all the energetic bodies. Being an excellent energy source it is used here as a tool to fill voids and remove shadows in the auric field. This stones also provides circular energy and so creates a connecting flow between the crown and earth chakra. Once this is established it moves a spiral of energy up through the chakras and all the bodies so that all are connected. Protecting us against negative pollutants in the environment this particular stone by building and strengthening our auric field. Assisting us in seeing beyond the façade this stone presents us with clarity any limiting beliefs we hold. Synthesizing our intuitive, mystical and psychic wisdom the energy of this stone helps us verbalize this knowing and act upon the knowledge shared.
To cleanse a sea salt bath or a dry bed of salt. Citrine is a great companion charger for Nuumit.