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Soul Memory Therapy 

Soul Memory Discovery is a graceful spiritual process that helps us heal in our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. It is rooted in sacred ritual and allows us to access, identify, and release challenging issues that limit our lives. 

Clients may find that they would like to experience this type of session because we have not found the origin of an issue in therapy sessions or perhaps they want to be able to feel closer to God. Some may wish to find more light in their life or support from the Universe. It may be that a client is ready to know his or her Life’s purpose or find more compassion for the world around them. Some may find that patterns keep repeating in their life or they are not able to create abundance.   

Soul Memory also enables individuals to access information concerning their life purpose and personal relationships. It helps individuals become conscious of why they have called upon certain people and experiences to guide and direct them in their present lives. Soul Memory can help obtain the information needed to better understand one’s purpose and to address destructive life patterns and issues, as well as to connect with one’s Higher Self. Through Soul Memory, individuals can connect with their Guides, Masterguides, and Guardian Angels who are there to assist them and to help guide them to a world of greater harmony, peace, and compassion.


Soul Memory Discovery is helpful in healing: 

• Physical ailments and symptoms 

• Emotional and addiction issues 

• Self-sabotaging life patterns 

• Feelings of isolation or invisibility 

• Lack of clarity or purpose


How Does a Session Work?

A session begins with a quick polarity balance, which aligns the flow of your energy field. This allows us to access clear and accurate information. I use a pendulum to gather information from your Soul’s memory through logical “yes-no” questions, and the origins of your issues are identified, released, and cleared. Throughout the session, you are an alert, aware, and full participant. We are able to look at past lives, and especially how they are impacting you now, and shift those patterns which no longer serve you so that you can move forward with a new understanding of the past and the present. Often we have had many past life experiences with those who we are in a relationship now and understanding what those relationships have been in the past can help to shift the relationship today.


After an initial field-clearing session, we can begin to work on more advanced processes that raise energy vibrations and deepen the connection within the heart allowing more joy to flow into the life experience. There are many beautiful processes to experience in a Soul Memory Discovery Session outside of releasing patterns and issues. Many processes will bring in more light enabling the fullest expression of your self, and compassion for the self and others and all create a beautiful strong connection with Source and the Universe.


Sessions are from one and a half hours to three hours long. Depending on the issues the healing process is done in stages to allow for integration. While some may only need a field clearing where they remove anything blocking light so that they may focus on their path, others may need several sessions to release trauma and patterns that have been created from that trauma.


Many advanced Light Workers and Healers and all of those wanting to know more about their purpose and or mission benefit from a Soul Memory Discovery session. We can explore who is on your Guidance Team and how are they here to assist you. Many of my clients are amazing powerful Lightworkers and Healers who enjoy having a session periodically to check in with their guidance teams and to experience new healing techniques so that they may recharge their inner core. Indeed all of us enjoy hearing the feedback from our Guidance teams to verify that we are on the right path and doing beautiful work.


If you or someone you love does not live in the area, are not mobile, or simply wish to work with me from your home I work with clients all around the world via Zoom, Facetime or What's App.  Virtual sessions are just as effective and enriching! 

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