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Working with Pendulums

We use the pendulum as a back-up to our own perceiving for the purpose of

developing our own intuition and trusting that inner voice.


Who are we calling on for help? Our guidance team. We all have many levels of guidance, guardian angels who protect our physical body, our ancestors both spiritual and genetic are always available to guide us. We only need to ask. There are many levels of teachers and guides who offer a variety of support. Our Master Guides help with our mission, while other guides have different purposes. This is a tool of communication. Like a telephone, it is to allow manifested communication between you and your guidance team.



Guidance hangs out in our heart space. When we invite in guidance, we invite them into our magnetic field because this is closest to the body. This sets up a walkway for the guides. Energy waves are set in motion in the field and that's what moves the pendulum. We must have our fields cleared for accurate results. Whether you have had your field cleared in a Soul Memory session or you sit and clear your field with light it is important for accuracy.



We need to start our sessions with a balance. When the polarities in our bodies are properly lined up, a clean circuit is created and energy can flow freely through our bodies. When our polarities become out of balance the information flowing through our bodies gets confused about its proper pathway and becomes lost- it's as if the signposts have been turned around. So, when you are out of balance you get flawed information.


Things that can throw you out of balance are pain both physical and emotional, exposure to electricity, machinery, magnetic fields, any energy source. MRI scans, X -rays, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, etc all switch our polarities and leave us out of balance.

Performing a balance realigns the polarities in our bodies and also aligns them with that of the Earth. There are many different ways to balance, so the one presented here is not the only valid one. The way each of us needs to balance may change over time and depends upon which parts of ourselves are in or out of balance with ourselves and/or Earth.


Short balance using the breath

Cross your arms and put hands on opposite shoulders. Breathe three times. Reverse the cross breathe three times. Place your wrists together and breathe three times to anchor in your balance.

You may add anything you wish from clearing your chakras to enveloping yourself in light. Stay in a meditative space to create a neutral emotional body.


Pendulum Swing for Yes and No

Ask guidance which direction is a "yes" and for a “no”. You may notice as you get more comfortable using your pendulum that the pendulum may shake or shimmer or move in a diagonal when guidance would like you to ask the question differently or to ask more.

It is extremely important the way in which you ask the question and if you are open to receiving the answer. If you do not feel neutral about it then it is not a good idea to ask the question at that time.


The Position and Set-Up

Hold the pendulum off to the side of the body so it doesn't

pick up energy from your lap. Don't lean your elbow on furniture so that energy is free to flow. Drink plenty of water so your battery is charged.

Have your other hand facing up so it is in a receiving mode.



Only ask questions about yourself or about you and your relationship with another.

Sample phrasing

"ls it in my highest interest?"

"ls it for my greatest well being?"

'Would it be beneficial for my greatest evolution?"

"Would it serve me?"

"Would l enjoy?"

Questions like "should I..?'," Do I need to...?" are not understood by guidance.

Questions about the time frame are difficult and iffy. Guidance isn't in this dimension. Time is only in this third dimension.

When there is contradictory or conflicting information, guidance is attempting to teach you something. There is a need to find another way around what you are asking. Is there a deeper question to ask? Is there a different perspective to come from? Can you refine the wording? Or ask "Are you trying to teach me something?"


If guidance is not giving you permission to ask a certain question, ask" Is there something I need to know first?"

Go with your hunches and ask about that. “ls it my (hunch)?” Keep in mind that they will use your thoughts to convey their message, so pay attention to any thoughts, feelings, images or other forms of information that come to you during this "receiving period".

Start broad and then narrow it down.

You can control the answers with your thought. Think “yes", and it will swing "yes". So start with questions that you don’t care about such as: “Is my name…?”, “Is my favorite color green?” This gives your guidance practice communicating with you through the pendulum.

Do not attempt to get answers for very serious questions (ex. Do I have cancer?) This is because it is impossible to keep a neutral space about the answer. It would, however, be ok to ask if you have a friend that could guide you to a professional to take a closer look at your concern. It can be helpful to get a friend who knows how to set up the pendulum to anchor space for you when posing emotional questions. They will sit across from you and let them hold the pendulum for you. Even still it can be difficult for a friend to be neutral.

It is completely necessary to get your own intentions out of the way for the tougher questions. Take a deep breath. Then breathe out all of the air. Ask the question and then look. Take an inside stance, (l am curious about what you guys think). Take a stance of a disinterested

observer. Think, “I am just interested in what you have to say.” 

This takes practice.

It is also important to ask the questions out loud because the vibration of the voice carries more power.

Remember, we live in a free-will universe. Guidance is only offering suggestions. You may do what you want with it.

It is important to be minimalist with your process.

Only ask about the information that you need.



It is important to keep practicing with nonemotional questions so you develop and master the art of using your pendulum for communication. Start simple and work your way up.


Care and Feeding of Your Pendulum

When purchasing a new pendulum ask if it is right for you.

Pendulums can absorb negative energy. Much of this depends on the type of stone. Ask what it would like. Ask if it needs something else in

the bag (ex. stone crystal, shell). It may only want some sunshine or sea salt once in a while.

Ask your pendulum if it needs to be cleared. If yes, ask if it needs running water, does it need a salt bath or have sunlight and moonlight or to be placed in the earth. Many times placing them inside another crystal with also clear them- like a good friend makes us feel.


So in short:

Sit in meditation to clear and balance.

Call in Masterguides and everyone you would like to be present.

Pose some questions

Get guidance

Then sit with the pendulum to fill in details.

Be minimalist- do not go deeper than necessary. 

Thank all that were present to guide you.

Remember to close the session.

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