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Energetic De-cording  Workshop

Meditation Audio

Listen to a live workshop guiding you through three types of de-cording visualizations. You will also learn how to create healthy energetic connections.

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You will be emailed the workshop booklet and link to the audio once payment is received. 

Many students request repeated energy cord cutting healing sessions and in response to this, I have created a two-hour workshop to teach you how to clear yourself of emotional attachments, worry, fear, anger, shame, situations, and patterns.  

It is easy to learn and a tool you will use often!

You will receive step by step instructions and explanations on the types of energetic cordings that occur between people, objects, animals, thought patterns, situations, and groups.

We will discuss the different ways to cut these cords and create boundaries supporting healthy mental, emotional and physical thoughts, and actions. 

What are Energetic Cords?

These cords are energy that we send to another or allow another to plug in when we worry, become co-dependent, experience trauma, fear, shame, anger....any energy that is not heart-centered and is conditional. There is no such thing as a healthy cording and it is draining for both individuals. I will be discussing the different types of cording and why they happen during the workshop. 

We will also discuss healthy connections and I will teach you a de-cording and reconnection meditation that is very useful for healthy intimate relationships and friendships. 

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