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Sound Healing 

In 2006 I received my first crystal quartz healing sound bowl as a gift. It was an A# note for the third eye/pineal gland. I continued to add to my collection and within a few years, I had all the main chakra notes. Since that time I have continued to grow my healing practice with sound-vibrational therapy and have added more crystal bowls and instruments over the years to create a beautiful unique integrative meditation experience. 

Most recently I have experimented with and created a Fibonacci note sequence with the bowls and the feedback has been very positive and healing for my clients in their physical, emotional and mental bodies. This pattern is seen in many natural phenomena, for example in the smallest nautilus and even in the shape of the largest galaxy’s. The sequence is directly connected to the golden ratio and is used throughout history in many works of art to create perfect symmetry. You can imagine how this sound is healing on a cellular level. 

Essentially sound healing whether in a sound bath such as this or self-toning the goal is to reset your and relax your sympathetic nervous system that is in constant flight or fight mode so the parasympathetic system can do its job and relax our body into its natural state. Using the Fibonacci sequence, breath and harmony notes I hope to send you into a state of deep relaxation. This deep relaxation rejuvenates our bodies in that energy can begin to flow properly and you can radiate your beautiful pattern of light into the world! 

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Want to create something for your business or group? 

Good Heart Studio is a portable meditation and sound bath studio. I am available for business and private group meditations and workshops. Please contact me to inquire more. Rates start at $300 for the first hour within a 25-mile radius of my home. This price includes my travel time and packing up. If you would additional time the rate is $100 per hour or $50 per half hour. I come with gongs, bowls, up to 14 meditation chairs and mats, eye pillows and blankets. Call me to discuss creating something special for your group; whether is a celebration, group bonding, stress reliever or a workshop with deeper teachings on various subjects I have decades of experience to offer something meaningful for your group.



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