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Living Diary

Journaling is healing in its ability to pull up sub-conscious behaviors and shine light on limiting beliefs and patterns. The "Living Diary" is Susan's creation to help her clients have a witness to their process.


When a client is going through a particularly stressful transition Susan has found that having access to her through text and email is a great way for her clients to feel her support as well gain deeper understanding to reactions and feelings in their most raw and unedited form. Clients have shared that knowing another is reading their entries and or receiving a reply creates a vessel to witness the emotional overload in that moment. This action shifts the process from a usual dramatic journal entry made solely for oneself to one that is more observant of the feelings and the wish to communicate clearly for understanding. 

Susan responds to emails and texts with a brief statement so that clients know they have been received. From time to time, as needed, she will add more thoughts and or questions to the process until the next session is set. 

Living Diary contracts are made only for clients that are working with Susan on a regular basis and start at $100 per month. Details will be provided when discussing the need of each client. 

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