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SusanBuonocore MA

Susan's mission is to help people feel connected with the world and to facilitate awareness in order to defeat negative behavioral patterns and thoughts. She believes in cherishing and nurturing as the primary conditions to the healing process.


After completing her BA in Visual Communication at the American College in London, she began her four-year postgraduate degree in Integrative Art Psychotherapy at the United Kingdom Institute for Arts and Therapy in Education. Susan qualified as a psychotherapist while living in London, England in 1998. She then completed her residency training at the psychiatric ward of Southwood Mental Health Clinic in South London while running a private psychotherapy practice. Susan moved to California in 2000 and has since enjoyed mixing traditional therapy practices with spiritual processes to design tailored programs for her clients.


In her commitment to specialize in alternative healing methods, she became a Certified Indigo Healing Practitioner and a Certified Crystal Therapist. Susan is also certified as a Soul Memory Discovery practitioner at La Costa's Soul Center in Southern California with Ellen Kaufman Dosick. She is also trained in many meditation techniques and continues to study and teach Nature of the Soul taught to her by Georgia Lambert from the lineage of Lucille Cedercranse, Alice Bailey, and Helena Blavatsky.  

In addition, Susan is a member of the American Holistic Health Association.




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