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2021-2023 Class is Full 

The next journey will begin September 6th, 2023
Wednesdays 7 pm-8:30 pm CST

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$60 per month or $25 for Returning Graduates
LOCATION: All Classes are live online and recorded. 

Recordings are saved on Dropbox and YouTube 






I will be sending out detailed instructions the week before class on how to log into zoom for our online class and the text for the first lesson. The class is paid for month to month and you may stop at any time. If you are joining late I will send you all the materials you need to get caught up with us. 

The entire journey is approximately two years. 

The class of 2023 will have even more meditation and technique instruction woven into the lessons. 

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If you are feeling called to learn more and wish to be part of a group to remember the wisdom you hold within, this beautiful training will guide you with grace and compassion.


In all times and places, each culture has had its Mystery Schools and Sacred Traditions. These esoteric paths of training went beyond the hand of morality and philosophy, to the Path of Spiritual Alchemy.

Nature of the Soul originally written by Lucille Cedercrans is an extensive training designed to produce an evolutionary transformation within the spiritual seeker, enabling him or her, to become a co-creator within the world and empowered to take up the work of spiritual evolution upon this planet.

Internal techniques and practices are taught and designed to produce evolutionary changes within the nervous system and brain allowing the Indwelling Consciousness greater perception and creativity within the realm of Matter.

The two-year journey provides a step-by-step experience in the Art and Science of Meditation, whereby the student unfolds the Soul within the personality.

This results in the personality becoming the “trusted servant” of the Soul rather than its prison, and the Soul, now through its trained personality, can take up its spiritual service in the world.

The three great questions divide this course into three parts: 

Who am I? Why am I here? And what am I supposed to do? 

A small example of some of the things we will cover: 

  • Extensive and sequential meditation techniques and practice.

  • Esoteric Anatomy is the study of the subtle body and its organs or chakras.

  • Planetary History, the earlier appearances, and expressions of humanity.

  • Transmutation is the changing of negative thoughts, feelings, and actions into positive expressions.

  • Understanding Karma and the steps of the 3rd initiation.

  • The Seven Rays and how these rays build all that we know in this reality.

  • Detailed information about the Deva kingdom and all the kingdoms in nature.  

  • The process of Conscious Creativity is also known as White Magic.

  • Spiritual Alchemy is the process of merging the soul and persona; allowing the persona to become the hands and feet of the soul.                                                                                               

This training is not only about the individual student's own growth and expansion, but also, the experience of Nature of the Soul is training in group dynamics which goes beyond intellectual comprehension and individual experience. There have always been those who have sought the Mysteries and have achieved them. “Nature of the Soul” is not simply about esoteric information that can be read and studied by individuals alone. This group training provides the opportunity to experience the next step in evolutionary development which will be the keynote of this next age: Group Consciousness and Synthesis.

The group grows and unfolds as a group. Each will have similar experiences along the way, though the details will differ with the make-up and karma of each individual within the group. Those who complete the training will have had a life-changing experience that they will have shared with others, a richness unachievable on an individual basis.


The complete training lasts about two years. Each week we will gather to learn one of the total forty lessons, with questions and discussion, followed by meditation practice during that week. The student is not required to “sign up” for the whole duration. Each is left free to attend only as long as they are learning and growing. The Nature of the Soul techniques are a synthesis of Eastern and Western Mystery traditions and are specifically designed for the western student. 




Nature of the Soul  Wisdon School 

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