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Crystals are a beautiful way to release energy and open the emotional body. They can be a very supportive and healing presence in our lives.  In a crystal healing session, you will have a short session in which you describe what you are needing support around and Susan will have you lie down while she places crystals on and around your body and or she may take you on a guided meditation with certain crystals. These types of sessions are perfect when you are needing to harmonize your body, mind, and spirit. Clients describe their session afterward as feeling rejuvenated and full of light. 

Programming your stones and crystals:

It is always a good idea to program your crystal or stone to the purpose you are requiring help with. First, you need to make sure it is cleansed and recharged. Then hold the stone or crystal in front of your heart chakra and tell it what you would like it to do. Such as, "Please help me feel protected have a restful sleep each night." Then place the stone or crystal where it will be able to do its job. In this example placing the crystal/s by the bedside or even underneath the bed would be great spaces for them to support you and connect with your energy while you sleep.

Cleansing and recharging stones and crystals:

It is important to check and see if the crystal is requiring recharging and if it has any messages for you when you are programming it. Intuit if your crystal is in need of cleansing. Provided that the stones are not water soluble or too fragile you can do this by placing it in some sea salt and water for at least 20 minutes. Many children love to be part of the process of cleansing and recharging crystals and stones. A fun ritual each month, at the time of the full moon, is to have a “crystal cleaning day”. Leave crystals out for 24 hrs in the sunlight and moonlight. If you are ever unsure about a stone or crystal and how it should be cleansed- putting it in direct sunlight for a few hours will always work. Another way that is easy to cleanse and recharge, especially if the stone is a piece of jewelry, is to place the item on a bed of dry sea salt. Use your inner knowing when you feel it has been long enough. Usually, 20 minutes is long enough however it is simple to leave them overnight in the sea salt water or bed of salt. You may feel like your stone or crystal wants to be put in the earth and this is another good way to recharge it as long as you can find it again! Another simple way is to share your light with the crystal. Imagine the crystal fully surrounded in love and light as you hold it. Some crystals such as Citrine, Kyanite, Carnelian, and Hematite never need to be cleansed as they diffuse any negative energy on their own, but still enjoy some love infused energy from you.



Crystal Energy Healing

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