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1st Ray Scholarship Fund

 Lotus Rae in Malibu on her last visit with me April 2017. 

The 1st Ray Scholarship Fund was created in memory of my dear friend Lotus Rae, a student and teacher of the wisdom who suddenly passed away in 2017.

This fund is used to help pay for classes or workshops who could not otherwise afford to attend and so helps me give scholarships to programs that I or teachers that are affiliated with Good Heart Studio are offering.


I have found that if students know there is a fund they are more likely to ask for help and continue with classes or attend a workshop they are called to attend.

If you would simply like to make a donation towards this fund to support spiritual education but are not able to join an event we are holding to raise money, a heartfelt THANK YOU! 

A BIG Thank you to "who you know who you all are" for giving each and every month and to those who have donated to this program, our growing community is grateful. 

Thank you!!


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