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Teacher Training Level One

Starts September 11th, 2023
Mondays 7pm to 8:30pm CST online via Zoom 
$60 paid monthly 
Auto Debit each month
Pay Monthly $60
Enter your own amount

Teacher Training Level One

  • This two-year weekly online course is a continuation after graduating from Nature of the Soul. It is open to all students who have completed the Nature of the Soul course with me or with another teacher. 

  • This course is not only for those wishing to teach Nature of the Soul but for all students wishing to learn more of the wisdom and master the materials. It is relevant to working with all groups and will cover many subjects such as how to call in your body receptive (those needing to learn from you) ways to work with groups and how to be a strong healthy heart center of a group. We will also study more about the death process, the Five paths of Mastery, and the ashram of synthesis. 

  • It is a much more practical course than Nature of the Soul sharing more advanced information on white magic and its uses in our everyday life. 

  • As with Nature of the Soul, you are welcome to end the course at any point if you are not resonating or need to drop for whatever reasons.  

  • All courses are recorded and available via YouTube and Dropbox so that you may listen at your convenience. 






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