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Indigo Children 



                               Who are Indigo Children and Adults?

First identified in the late 1970s by the color of their aura, “Indigos” refers to a group of people who are born into this world in order to effect change. However, they suffer emotional and spiritual pain as a result of the dissonance between their vision of perfection and the world around them. Many adults also identify with the traits of Indigo Children as they too were part of the first wave of 'wise old souls' who have a mission to help bring about peace on Earth.


Indigo Children can be described as:

  • Highly intelligent, deeply intuitive, incredibly creative, full of energy.

  • Self-reliant, self-sufficient, have high self-esteem, and an almost-regal sense of entitlement.

  • They usually “get it” before anyone else and have little patience for rules or authority or “old” structures.

  • They are “wise old souls,” with a keen sense of purpose and destiny.

  •  They carry with them eternal remembering and hold a vision of joyful, harmonious perfection for themselves and for our world.

  • They are immensely likable and endearing.


There are also many Indigo Children who seem:

  • Uneasy “in their skins;” uncomfortable in their lives; unhappy being here on Earth.

  • They often seem as if they are in deep emotional pain, and, sometimes in high anxiety and distress.

  • They often “act out,” and have trouble “fitting in” and “getting along” at home and at school.

  • Taken to extremes, their internal anguish can “play out” in serious antisocial attitudes and behaviors, and, at worst, in children who do not know the difference between right and wrong.

The children feel their own pain, but do not know how to cope. When little ones tell their parents, “I don’t want to be here; I want to go home.” their anguish is almost too much to bear.

Indigo Healing Techniques 

Healing for Indigo Souls is comprised of different techniques and healing modalities, depending on the age of the Indigo and belief system.

• Gracelight is designed for the youngest Indigos from birth to the age of around 7 years. This meditation helps to soften the pain of the child’s separation from the Divine and to lessen their discomfort on this Earth plane, allowing them to maintain their vision of Oneness and Perfection.

• The Point of Essence process, designed for teens and adult Indigos, is a simple process that allows adult Indigos to reclaim their life and soul purpose while reconnecting them with their personal vision of Oneness.

Healing for Indigo children is designed to aid parents of such children by adopting a unique approach to address their deep spiritual nature and needs. The healing sessions are also intended to help parents of Indigo children strengthen their own connection with Spirit in order to enable them to help their children maintain a vision of perfection despite the imperfect world in which they live. Art therapy, play therapy, traditional talk therapy, and spiritual processes are all used in combination depending on the individual coming in for support.


When working with your child I include the whole family depending on the dynamics, to create a feeling of celebration of the beautiful gifts the child or teen is displaying. It is also a part of the process to help all individuals here as old souls to help bring about harmony in the world to understand the right use of power and to stay in a compassionate space with those who frustrate them.

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