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Virtual Therapy is one of the best things to ever happen to me. I am getting one on one therapy with the most effective therapist I have ever met, and I can do it in my own home. As a hard-working professional, I am so grateful that this option exists. 

Jenna I Santa Barbara, CA

I have nothing but praise for this beautiful lady!  Susan is a rare find when it comes to healing and healers.  A true gem and a diamond that sparkles so very bright! She is highly skilled in so many areas of healing and is able to integrate all of them in order to bring the very best of her skills, talents, and abilities to the forefront of her work. She is dedicated, creative, highly energetic, and enthusiastic; genuine inside and out.  You can sense and feel her passion for helping others as soon as you meet with her. She is dedicated to helping people obtain and sustain a better quality of life through her expertise and many healing modalities. She has helped me to heal, love myself and find my worthiness.  Susan has helped me to understand why certain traumas have occurred in my life.   Most importantly, she has helped me to learn the skills and tools I need to heal myself and then take those tools and use them to help me heal, grow, find my power, and learn self-love.  I have obtained a better overall quality of life all around and for that, I am forever grateful and thankful to Susan.  You will find her amazing………I promise! 

Debbie Squizzero

Psychic Medium 

Susan, I want to thank you so much for our online (Zoom) meeting where we worked on Soul Therapy, I called it a Soul Checkup. I can really feel the difference after the soul memory therapy.

 At first, I was apprehensive about going through the therapy long distance, but I feel free and so loved after working together.

 I was driving to work about two days after, thinking of all the things I had been through, knowing that I had been protected and felt overwhelming love to the point I had a couple of tears come to my eyes. I feel amazing. I have always been a happy person but now I can feel the love radiating out of me more than before.

You were a patient guide through the process. I would recommend this to anyone feeling stuck, or unloved. I am sure there are a multitude of problems Susan can help with.

Thanks so much –

J Mastren 


Susan's therapy is amazing. She is the perfect balance of being a mirror and holding space and then asking those key questions that unlock the ah-ha moment. Having a safe place to deal with the real issues is a must in therapy and she encompasses that and so much more. Forever grateful for the growth I made while doing therapy together. I could have never done it without her. I have also attended Susan's online classes are they are a gem. It takes a lot of strength to hold the energy of a group virtually and she accomplishes this with flying colors, so much so that I feel I'm right there next to her in class. The group dynamics are great as she cleanses the group so there is harmony for all. Her classes and workshops are a must especially if you need to do them virtually. I don't know how she does it but her ability to give her clients the same level of insight/healing virtually that you would get in person is next level. 

Jessica G -Los Angeles Certified Life Coach

I have had the joy of working with Susan in one-on-one appointments, in group settings, and over the phone. While I love to see her beautiful smile and work with her in person, distance is a challenge, so I have been grateful for our phone conversations. They have been so very therapeutic and offer me the ability to schedule at convenient times.

Thank you, Susan, for sharing your wisdom in so many ways.




Susan's warm, compassionate, presence definitely comes through over the phone or by video conference. I can't always get to her in person when I need some guidance but being with her virtually feels just as therapeutic and helpful.

Her classes, workshops, and meditations are a beautifully connected experience- whether I can be there in person or not. Such a wise soul!

Rachel S Los Angeles


I have been seeing Susan since 2007 when I was 15 years old. She provided a space for me to enter as an adolescent that was an incredible relief. Just being able to sit with her was healing. I have grown and changed much since I was 15 and Susan has always been there holding the understanding of who I am and helping to guide me toward the fullest and most healthy version of myself. Through the bad and good times of adolescence, she has been there, a supportive and steady hand to perch on whenever I need to. I have done every type of therapy that Susan provides and they have all been helpful because, with Susan's guidance, they are all healing for the mind, body, and spirit. Not only have I learned about myself through my work with Susan, but I have also learned about meditation and other therapies and practices that I now practice on my own as part of my everyday lifestyle. I am blessed to find someone that speaks the same language as me. I am also so grateful that the Nature of the Soul class is available virtually while I am traveling for a few months so I can continue my spiritual journey. It is amazing how the energetic connection remains strong even when physically far away. Susan and the Good Heart Studio will forevermore be a part of my life. 

-Kathryn W., Los Angeles 


My name is Lisa Harris and I have been in Susan's meditation, crystal, and soul memory classes, and groups since 2007. What I love most about her classes and groups are the wonderfully light feeling after every session. I feel clear, rejuvenated, and cleansed. Her classes are always warm, inviting, and intimate. She offers a very professional environment, along with a stunning visual space of aromatherapy, candles, and crystals galore.

Book her for a soul memory session- it's fascinating!


Lisa Harris Los Angeles, CA


Susan is truly magical and does her work with such ease and grace. When I first met Susan in 2006, I was entering a whole new world and I was still a bit skeptical. Susan worked with me and with my daughter and helped facilitate a shift for both of us that changed our lives. The time I spent with Susan and the work we did, put me on a totally different path, and I am forever grateful. Susan is a beautiful, beautiful soul and I feel honored to know her and to have the connection that I have with her today.

Nicole, Manhattan Beach, CA 



I've asked Susan to hold sacred space to allow all of my challenges a forum to prosper and ground within the depths of my soul so that I might go into the world fluently and uninhibited. I needed Susan's expertise, someone with such expansion and depth in understanding how to assist in the growth, grounding, compassion, and teaching through interpretation from within. Susan's systems are life-changing.  

She also plays a mean crystal bowl for those really out-of-balance days, you can tune in within seconds. Come to any of her meditations, you will leave literally looking at the world from cloud 9. ----

Kimberli Khepri Los Angeles, CA/Tennessee 


An amazing soul with a warrior spirit.  In the 15-plus years, I've known Susan, working with her has brought so much light and consciousness into my life.   From her meditations to her individual sessions, Susan has developed a holistic practice that enables her to work with any individual.  I feel so much gratitude for having worked with her. 

EH~ New York City, NY/London, UK


Susan's work is amazingly clear. Like a guiding light, her depth of seeing and her nurturing ways encourage the spiritual path. I love her readings. 

Karen La Puma, counselor, and author San Francisco


She is a Blessing and I am so grateful to have met Susan.

I have experienced in-person, virtual facetime, and phone sessions with her. The virtual sessions felt just like being in her office. She creates such a comfortable connection with you and you can totally be at ease in your home. She is amazing at helping you get through your journeys in life & gives you tools to move past the pains and struggles we face sometimes. I would refer Susan to anybody. 

Thank U Susan!!

Kim S Redondo Beach, CA




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