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Earth Chakra: Shaman Stone and Agate Plate

Place both stones around an arm's length below your feet with the Shaman stone placed on top of the Agate plate.










Shaman Stone

These highly grounded and connected earth stones aid you in balancing your male-female energies and journey to the mineral and animal kingdoms. The properties of the Shaman stone also support your spiritual growth in overcoming fears that are blocking your expansion; including death and trusting your intuition to bring in positive guides to assist you on your journey including this physical dimension. Bringing a protective, safe and trusting energy these wise ones help us feel guided on our journey. They highlight places and spaces within and without we might not otherwise notice, both positive and negative.

Shaman Stones are great meditation companions when used in pairs placed in each hand they will balance and ground the users energy for deep meditation practice or shamanic journeying. Also wonderful healers place on an area of the body or chakra needing assistance. This stone likes to be connected with the earth and sun to cleanse rather than sea salt. Placing it completely immersed in a jar or bowl of earth and in the sunlight will work perfectly.


Agate plates

Harmonize female and male energies and positive and negative forces . Being multilayered, agate brings hidden information up in a slow orderly and graceful way. It is a soothing earthy stone that gently facilitates acceptance of one's self and so builds self confidence which is the base strength of all beginnings. This stone fosters love and the courage to start again by raising the consciousness and linking the user into the conscious collective. Used at the Earth chakra and combined with the Shaman stone gives the user a strong grounding and base to receive the wisdom, strength and nurturing of our Earth.

Agate when placed on the Heart helps to heal emotional distress that prevents acceptance of Love. Agate also likes earth cleansing. Place it halfway into the earth with part sticking out in the sunlight. It also responds to a sea salt water bath or a dry bed of sea salt.

Feet: Hematite  

Place each Hematite below the heal of each foot, touching or not.











Hematite is a grounding stone that harmonizes body, mind and soul. In this layout it has the intention of protecting the auric field from negative energies and assists your soul essence to ground back into your body when your session is complete. Hematite also removes rather than highlights self- limitations. It brings unfulfilled desires to the surface for you to consider and how these desires are infusing your daily activities perhaps in a subconscious manner. This stone also dissolves negativity and does not need cleansing. 



Root Chakra : Garnet and Black Tourmaline

Place the Garnet and Black Tourmaline at very bottom of your sitting bones where your pelvis touches the top of your leg or even on the floor touching your perineum.











In this layout the garnet is placed at the root chakra to stimulate the kundalini energy to rise up through the body. As garnet cleanses and strengthens all the chakras it also brings passion or a stillness to each area as needed. Coming from the depths of the earth its mass is heavy for its size and it is full of energy bursting out and opening the Root filling it full of support. Our Root holding our basic needs then works with the Garnet to fill our Root with the life force it needs to strengthen and dissolve behavioral patterns that are sabotaging and obsolete ways of dealing with your life. Opening up the heart it brings in self confidence and with the strong link to the pituitary gland can help with your past life recall to bring in past times which will support you in your remembering of the wisdom you carry. Place in a sea salt bath or sea salt dish to cleanse as needed.


Black Tourmaline

Here this stone is assisting your Root to transmute dense energy into a vibration that is lighter. Tourmaline is a protective stone and disperse negative energy rather than grounding it our dissolving it. Meaning it will transmute that negativity into problem solving. When there is a tendency to go into a victim stance Black Tourmaline will encourage objectivity and positive attitude. This stone is a protector of all EMF, psychic attacks and all negative thought forms sent your way. Working with your Root Chakra in this layout it also helps relieve tension and stress that you may open to the present. This stone like to be placed in Sea Salt bath or dish for cleansing.

Knees: Tigers Eye  

Place in between the knees.










Tiger's Eye  

This stone combines the earths energy with the energies of the sun to create a grounded and high frequency state of being. It is a protective stone that helps us see the intentions of others as well as teach the wearer the correct use of power. Balancing our male and female energy it is a mood lifter, energizing the emotional body and letting go of shame. Helpful when dealing with chaotic energy which needs to be brought together in an meaningful pattern. As Tigers Eye harmonizes with your energy, you will begin to feel connected to your brothers and sisters of humanity and anchor in a deeper understanding of how your passion for life will shift the world for the greater good.



Sacral Chakra: Carnelian  

Place three stones if you are a woman two on the space above the ovaries and one on your womb- triangle pointing down. If you are a man place the top stone on the bladder and two beneath creating the base Triangle pointing up. If you are gender neutral place as you wish or all three together at your pelvis below your belly button.













A wonderful stone that activates the base chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus). It has the ability to motivate us with its high energy and stimulates our creativity. Placed at our Sacral Chakra it also pulls in the orange ray helping us at a cellular level dispel disease and disharmony. Being comfortable in everyday reality it helps us to trust our perceptions of this reality. The Sacral Chakra is about our relationship to the self and intimate relationships. Calming anger it also protects against jealousy and encourages creative choices to bring more joy into your world of affairs. Carnelian has the ability to cleanse other stones and so does not need to be cleansed.



Solar Plexus: Yellow Jasper and Sulfur  

Place on the area of the stomach.













Yellow Jasper

Jasper is a nurturing stone…like a gentle friend that helps you make sense of what is happening in your world. It enjoys giving support when life feels chaotic. It also helps us remember by its example to be supportive to others in our lives. Places on the Solar Plexus which is the emotional center of the body it encourages us to be honest with our actions and gives a bridge to transform dreams into reality. It also is used for astral travel as it provides protection and grounds energies that we may come into contact with. Yellow Jasper attracts positive energy into your solar plexus helping digestion and therefore promoting physical well being. This stone absorbs negative energy and therefore needs to be cleansed after each use in a sea salt bath or dry dish.



One of the best stones for releasing rage as it has a negative electrical charge and absorbs negative energy of any kind. Being a volcanic stone it is very useful to bring your psychic and intuitive gifts to the surface by identifying negative attributes within your personality. As you become aware of your shadow personality that has behaved and erupted in an unconscious manner and become the master and healer of your darker side transmuting it into a loving healing power so will you have more access to your power to heal not only yourself but others. This stone helps you move out of the solar plexus and up into the heart space.

Higher Solar Plexus: Citrine Point  

Place the point facing up towards the head at the top of your rib cage.











Citrine Point 

Very powerful crystal that absorbs, transmutes and grounds negativity and brings the power of the sun. Bringing creativity into the life and the environment it cleanses your energetic bodies as well. It activates your crown chakra opening your intuition. Placed on the Higher Solar Plexus here the intention is to direct the emotional body to work in harmony with the higher self. Citrine helps the solar plexus become a guide moving the "gut feelings" up into consciousness and an understanding of the larger picture or karma at play. Citrine brings the yellow ray into our field and so helps us release what is not needed and move into the future with joy and creativity. Citrine does not need to be cleansed. However it does enjoy a good sun bath once in awhile!



Heart Chakra: Amazonite and Rose Quartz  

Place both stone and crystal on the heart space amazonite above the Rose Quartz.














This stone is a wonderful filter for absorbing radiation and EMF's. Being a filter it also is specifically designed to bridge the communication between your mental brain and your intuition. It soothes the soul by calming your nervous system and balancing your masculine and feminine energy. A stone of universal love it soothes emotional trauma and enhances loving communication. Its green earth energy opens the heart dispelling worry and fear. Amazonite is cleansed with sea salt baths or a dry bed of sea salt. Sometimes it likes to be buried in earth- just ask it if needs some grounding. As it absorbs and takes away electromagnetic smog cleansing is important.


Rose Quartz

This stone wraps you up in unconditional love. Holding the true essence of love it purifies and opens the heart helping us release emotional blockages. As we learn to continue to keep our hearts open in all manners of life this stone reassures and brings deep healing when we are overwhelmed by this world and the heaviness that exists here. Creating emotional harmony and deep love within ourselves then allows us to draw in powerful relationships and strengthen the ones we already have. It is the ultimate heart opener. Rose Quartz enjoys sea salt baths or laying on a dry bed of sea salt. As well as a nice dose of loving energy from you! It easily cleanses with pure love and light.

Throat Chakra: Shungite and Kyanite  

Place Shungite on either side of the ears. Place Kyanite on the throat.













This stone is relatively new in the market. It comes from Russia and is a black carbon based mineral. It has come to work with us at this time to show us our full power and strength. Having a great capacity to help our bodies deal with the technologies that we work with all day long this stone assists us to not feel drained but expanded by the technologies that we are exposed to all day and night. Shungite helps us ground, it protects us from EMF's (electrical magnetic fog) and environmental toxins. Sitting in our throat chakra area it creates a graceful integration of making a dream come into reality by activating our true genius. It is one of the most powerful stones in transmuting and harnessing electronic and environmental toxins into energy for our creative use. A good friend to have indeed. It also does not need to be cleansed.



Blue kyanite is a wonderful stone for your alignment in meditation. It tranquilizes and stimulates our intuition creating a bridge with its high frequency for our spiritual energy to anchor into our mental body. The best description I have to offer at this time is: imagine using it as an antenna creating a frequency call line to your higher self and spiritual guides! Pulling our integrity to its highest frequency it encourages us to speak our truth cutting through irrational beliefs and thoughts our persona has created. Being a connector and bridge maker It is also a stone that can assist us in a time of death or major transition. Opening the throat charka with clarity and connection with our fullest self it also supports public speaking and performing so that our audience can also connect with our expression. As Kyanite does not hold negativity and so it does not need to be cleansed.

Hands (Connected to Throat Chakra): Clear Quartz Points

Place in each hand. Right hand point facing up to bring in energy and in left hand point facing down towards the fingers. This creates an energy flow within the body. When using alone you may place both points facing up towards the arm to pull in energy or both points facing down to pull out energy.
















Quartz Points

Quartz amplifies and attracts life force. In this layout the clear quartz points are used to balance and bring in clarity. They harmonize with our energy to place priorities in the most supportive and healing order. When our energy balance is in order the flow of energy is able to run through our bodies with greater force. When held in your hands your energy flow will magnify and balance. Clear quartz specializes in raising energy to the most healing vibration necessary to the person it is attuned to and or the environment in which it is placed. To program the crystal for what you are needing assistance with- sit quietly and meditate with it so that it may store your wishes and radiate out the necessary vibrations to balance and attune you to manifest this purpose for the highest good of all involved.


Third Eye Chakra: Lapis Lazuli and Blue Lace Agate  

Place Lapis Lazuli in between the brows. Place Blue Lace Agate on top of each eye 










Lapis Lazuli

Recognized by its deep blue and gold flecks this amazing earth stone is a stress reliever bringing about deep peace. When placed on the brow you can feel an immediate effect and energy pooling in your brain. This stone also promotes the growth of our power and psychic abilities. With its calming effect we journey to other times in which our power and creativity was intact. It contacts our angelic or soul guardians so that we may explore and journey safely. Having a personal "soul guard" this stone recognizes psychic attack and returns it to its source. Holding the knowledge of the power of our spoken word; we journey back with this stone and speak our truth creating a rippling positive effect in the NOW moment. A harmonizer with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, great healing occurs connecting past and present with fearlessness of the future. This stone can be cleansed and charged with a sea salt bath or dry bed of salt. It also responds and is charged when placed with fine gemstones and or gold. It very much enjoys the energy companionship -like good old friends…so place it with your diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires and special gold pieces! Perhaps you remember this stone being placed in your golden crown alongside fine gemstones in another time….


Blue Lace Agate

This stone brings about a calming and peaceful energy. Working in similar ways to Kyanite it encourages free expression of thoughts and feelings connecting us to higher frequencies. Being from the Agate family it is also a nurturing stone and so will support us to overcome fears of being judged, rejected or excluded when expressing our feelings. Its graceful energy helps us communicate in a way that the other can hear and understand us and so urges us to express rather than internalize. It specializes in dissolving old ways of communicating and encourages the male to accept his sensitivity and the female to feel safe to her express wisdom. Placed on the eyes it creates a calming effect and so allows us to create new visions and patterns of relating to one another. It is also a great stone to place on the throat. Blue Lace Agate enjoys a sun and moon bath- great one to place out in the window sill for 24hrs on the full moon. It will cleanse with a sea salt bath or dry salt as well.

Crown: Prehnite

Place directly above the head touching the top of your head.












Known as the crystal that heals the healer we placed this stone at the crown. Holding unconditional love in its vibration it harmonizes our ego persona with our soul. Inducing deep meditation we are enabled to connect with the universal energy grid. Attuning us to divine energies our intuition is activated and reveals to us the next step for ourselves or when assisting others. Sealing our auric field in a high vibration of unconditional love our trust in the divine unfolding enables us to let go of and believe in our power of manifestation. Prehnite has an expansive energy and so we feel our energy grow connecting us with all that is. Joining us powerfully to the universal grid our prophecy and predictions become more accurate as this stone is directed by the users conscious wishes to multiply and enhance spiritual growth within the self and others and in alignment with the divine plan.


Higher Self  & Spirit: Lepidolite /Amethyst Point/ Labradorite

Place about 6 - 12 inches above the top of your head. Amethyst point in the middle point facing outward to direct energy upwards or point facing inward to direct energy inwards down the central column. Place the Lepidolite and Labradorite on either side- it does not matter which side.














Another stone to help assist in clearing electromagnetic pollution we place this stone in the field. High in its frequency it will only respond to thought forms that are created in the highest good of all involved. Clearing blockages in our auric field it aids our journey to the Akashic Record in which we can visit all that our soul essence has ever experienced and receive understanding. This understanding may only be available to us in abstract way; in that the appropriate questions are revealed and so lead us to the answers about how that time is affecting this NOW time. It is an emotional balancer and so helps with any lower vibrations of depression, obsessive thoughts, and despondency and especially mood swings. This stone encourages independence and the knowledge that you have everything in your own being to accomplish your goals. Deep emotional healing can occur with this stone as it focuses on what is important for the highest good of all involved and filters out the diversions that allow us to justify a decision from the place of the Ego. Place under your pillow for sleep disturbances and to receive deeper understanding and support to change old behavioral patterns. Cleanse this stone in sea salt and charge with the sun and moon light.


Amethyst Point

One of the stones with the highest spiritual vibration, amethyst transmutes lower vibrations into higher frequencies. For example it will assist in transmuting rage into love, judgment into compassion, confusion into wisdom. This stone protects against environmental pollution and so we place it in your field inside your central column that runs from Source through you to the center of the Earth. Imagine it as a cleanser to your central being. This stone can open our consciousness to other realities transmuting ordinary into deep insight and beauty. Harmonizing spiritual insight and common sense it enhances our intuition and psychic gifts. Held in the hands this stone aligns your energetic bodies giving a deeper understanding of what is needing change in order to facilitate expanded consciousness and will absorb negativity- you will notice it becoming very warm. To cleanse- Amethyst loves sea salt baths, dry sea salt as well as joyful music. It will fade in sunlight but does enjoy a light bath from your chants.



Known as the Bringer of Light this stone raises consciousness enabling us to connect with Universal energies and so is placed in your field. It deflects unwanted energies like a mirror and forms a boundary to energy shed by another during therapeutic sessions. In this layout it protects against any negative energy bouncing around in the environment. Aligning our physical and higher etheric bodies it assists us in understanding our larger spiritual purpose. This stone stimulates intuition and psychic gifts but is specialized in understanding the timing of bringing up our subconscious patterns into our understanding to prevent resistance, shame and or trauma from the understanding. This stone also releases debris of past lives disappointments and others disappointment and projections that have wedged into our aura. Helping us remember and understand our destiny it is a stone that supports our ascendance into living full time in a higher vibrational world this lifetime. Bringing discernment to the forefront, we relax with our "personal therapist" Labradorite. Pulling together all the information to present to us it reflects into our aura our part in the divine unfolding. To cleanse place in a sea salt bath or dry bed of sea salt. Labradorite also benefits from sun and moonlight and enjoys a 24 hr full moon bath to charge its vibration.

Auric Field : Nuumite

Place two feet above the head.












This is the oldest living mineral formed over 3 billion years ago. It opens activates and integrates all the chakras. It grounds all the chakras to the Earth and to all the energetic bodies. Being an excellent energy source it is used here as a tool to fill voids and remove shadows in the auric field. This stones also provides circular energy and so creates a connecting flow between the crown and earth chakra. Once this is established it moves a spiral of energy up through the chakras and all the bodies so that all are connected. Protecting us against negative pollutants in the environment this particular stone by building and strengthening our auric field. Assisting us in seeing beyond the façade this stone presents us with clarity any limiting beliefs we hold. Synthesizing our intuitive, mystical and psychic wisdom the energy of this stone helps us verbalize this knowing and act upon the knowledge shared.To cleanse a sea salt bath or a dry bed of salt. Citrine is a great companion charger for Nuumite.


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