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✨Becoming a conscious soul within a pers

Please inquire if you would like to have your group experience this workshop or have me create something customized for your group experience. Workshop costs start at $35 per person upwards depending on time, travel, and how many attendees will be joining us. 

Becoming the Master of Your Emotions

All of us have default responses to life. Those situations that trigger us into a response we have known since childhood and perhaps now are noticing this trigger response is not really working, in fact, it may be causing all kinds of pain. 


Join me for a Workshop going through an initiation experience of transmutation. We can learn to become conscious of our patterns and take steps to push ourselves from a victim status of reacting to life to consciously responding to it. 

Trigger responses can be things like shutting down emotionally,  negative self-talk, over-analyzing, becoming argumentative, paranoid, turning to addictions, withdrawing love, bullying, problem solver and harmonizer for everyone but the self...we could go on and on.


Dysfunctional thought patterns and actions begin as a system that originally kept us safe, solved a problem and or made us feel appreciated, loved, powerful...and then they run on automatic until pain comes knocking at the door louder and louder so that we must shift our default pattern. 


How do we become conscious of our unconscious behavior? Typically, pain, grief, sickness, and loss are great experts at waking us up to the fact that something must change. How can we begin to turn to what brings us joy and leap into the void of change feeling secure and supported?


This mini-workshop will take you through some meditation exercises and techniques in which you will learn to access your subconscious and allow yourself to observe something that is needing to evolve into a more healthy response. Your shadow self will show you that what once kept you secure is now getting in the way of your expanding consciousness. 


We will have some fun learning about the cycle of awareness, share some stories and begin to work with our shadow to guide us exactly to where we need to upgrade our consciousness.  Using meditation techniques you will be guided into the first moment you created this pattern which imprinted your behavioral responses. 


We will end the evening with a Soul Retrieval Meditation gathering that younger self and connecting with your Future Self that has already anchored in the new consciousness. We will de-cord energetically from the pattern and go on a guided journey through the void filling it with light and compassion making the journey of change a joyful experience.


Please bring with you:

  • A journal, a pen, a scarf to tie around your eyes if you need darkness to travel deep in meditation. a small pillow also recommended for comfort and a refillable water bottle. 

  • Wear comfortable clothing to be able to sit on the floor.

  • Arrive early so that we may start on time

  • Bring a small snack to share during a short break.




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