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A brief introduction on Sound Healing –

So you know what you are getting into!


Scientific studies show that sound can produce positive and negative changes in the autonomic (the part of the nervous system responsible for control of the bodily functions not consciously directed, such as breathing, the heartbeat, and digestive processes), immune (the system that attacks organisms and substances that invade body systems and cause disease) endocrine (is a chemical messenger system consisting of hormones, the group of glands of an organism that secrete those hormones directly into the circulatory system to be carried towards distant target organs, and the feedback loops of homeostasis that the hormones drive.) and neuropeptide systems (are small protein-like molecules (peptides) used by neurons to communicate with each other. They are neuronal signaling molecules that influence the activity of the brain and the body in specific ways.)


Every atom, molecule, cell, gland, and organ of the human body absorbs and emits sound because it is in a constant state of vibration.  The entire body, as well as our brain waves in a relaxed state, vibrates at a fundamental frequency of about 8 cycles per second, literally entraining and attuning us to the basic electromagnetic field of the earth itself. This resonance is the beats of energy that the earth emits and we naturally want to harmonize to create synthesis with our environment.  This is why “Earthing” walking on grass or the earth barefoot also helps to tune our most important instrument, our body.  To put it briefly, when your bare feet or skin comes in contact with the earth, free electrons are taken up into the body.  These electrons could be referred to as nature’s biggest antioxidants and help neutralize damaging excess free radicals that can lead to inflammation and disease in the body.  The Earth is a conductor and so are all living things on the planet, including us.  The body is composed of mostly of water and minerals which in combination are excellent conductors of electrons from the Earth, providing there is direct skin contact.


Dr. Emoto’s scientific studies on water have proven and show how powerful our thoughts and sound are on water. Since we are made mainly of water this study deserves some attention. Positive thoughts create positive sound and so thoughts and certain music that was played as well as words spoken created beautiful symmetrical patterns shown in frozen water crystal photographs. Negative thoughts and music that produced certain beats created misshaped patterns. Perhaps this is also the reason we can read one another’s moods quite well beyond facial and body language; we can literally feel the “vibe” coming off of someone! We aspire to be like the bamboo where energy flows and nothing becomes stuck.

So why am I explaining this?

The crystal bowls or other instruments that produce different notes help unblock certain vibrational energy where there's congestion or stuck energy. Stress, illness, grief, trauma are all examples of what can create stuck energy.

The most important principle of sound healing may be considered “resonance. In the context of human physiology, resonance can be described as the frequency of vibration that is natural to a specific organ or body system (such as the heart or the respiratory system). This innate frequency of the body is known as the prime resonance.

In sound healing, resonance principles are employed to re-harmonize cells that have been imprinted with disruptive frequencies. Such troublesome imprints may have been a result of toxic substances, emotional traumas, pathogens, or long-term exposure to noise pollution.

Sound also acts upon cellular ion channels to elicit a healing response. Situated within a cellular membrane, ion channels are the means by which the cell receives nourishment and communicates with neighboring cells. In dysfunctional cells, it is believed that some of these vital channels are shut down causing cells literally to fall asleep. In this hypothesis, sound opens the closed channels, supporting the cell to awaken and resume normal functioning and replication.


Another key aspect of sound healing is “cymatics,” the study of wave phenomena, as pioneered by Swiss medical doctor and natural scientist, Hans Jenny (1904-1972). Jenny discovered that he could use sound to animate inert powders, pastes, and liquids into life-like, flowing forms that mirror patterns found throughout nature, art and architecture. What's more, all of these patterns were created using simple sine wave vibrations (pure tones) within the audible range. Sound creates a dynamic mandala-like pattern in every water molecule of your physical body and, since the body is 75% water, the effect on your whole system is quite effective. Cymatics shows us a physical representation of vibration, how sound manifests into form through the medium of various materials.

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