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Please join me for a fun class to better understand the manifestation process with the lessons you have studied in NOS. 

We will discuss the cycles of the moon and the three ways to focus a seed thought during the waxing (Ascent) Full Moon (High Point of the Meditation) and Waning (Descent). 


After several questions recently in our classes, I thought it would be really helpful to practice the three meditations and their subtle differences as well as discuss the difference between a seed thought, intention, and a goal.


It is also very important that we practice the ability to hold our focus in the mental plane and allow it to grow until that thought is fully formed before bringing the astral emotional body into play which dilutes and distorts the manifestation process if done too soon. 

This class is offered online via Zoom and will be recorded for any of you unable to make it live.  All will receive the recording and a text workbook outlining everything we will be going over.  


Please join me! I have missed seeing so many of you! 


Sunday, February 19th, 2023

1 pm - 3 pm Central Time

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via Credit Card


Venmo: Susan Buonocore @GoodHeartStudio


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