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Bright yellow with a scent this stone is like soap for the energetic body. As it absorbs negative energy emanations and emotions it removes lower vibrational blockages that keep us from progressing. Volcanically produced it specializes in harmonizing eruptive behavior such as rage.  Sulfur will bring up what has been lying latent within such as our psychic gifts. It supports us to look at our negative traits within our personality. It loosens up those really stubborn belief systems that we hold dear. This stone is also wonderful for our teenagers as it softens those places of the personality that want to do the opposite of whatever is suggested. It does this by opening and cleansing the solar plexus and so recognizes the destructive emotional egotistical pattern that is running on automatic. A conscious more positive outcome of choice is given space to emerge.

This stone is toxic and should not be used when making elixirs and should not be ingested. If wanting to make an elixir use the indirect method. It also does not need cleansing.


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