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Calming Solutions Meditation set #10

This combo set includes an Amethyst Cluster, Peruvian Amazonite and Hematite.

Amethyst transmutes negative thought forms by raising them up to a more positive and balanced outlook. Being a cluster it also offers great perspective to group solutions.

Hematite is a grounding stone and helps you sort through your thought process with its calming nature reminding you the only limits are those concepts and beliefs that you have within your mind. While amethyst raises negative emotions and thoughts to a more positive outlook, hematite will dissolve and ground them allowing more light to flow in bringing with it a greater desire for peace.

Peruvian Amazonite has a calming wise energy that the nervous system immediately reponds to. It will soothe your emotional body and dispell the more irritating worries and fears. 

Used together placed by your bedside or on your body, these stones will relax you and allow the wisdom to flow in. 

Take each crystal and hold it infront of your heart. Imprint it with the purpose you are requesting help with then put them on your bedside or on your body. 

Suggested placement on the body: Hematite at your Feet, Amazonite on the Heart and the Amethyst Cluster at the Top of your head. Breathe slowly and thoughtfully allowing your body to open and relax for however long you need. Tune yourself to the crystals allowing them to clear, uplift and support you. 

Calming Solutions Meditation set #10

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