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5.00 for one, 9.00 for two 

This stone is relatively new in the market. It comes from Russia and is a black carbon based mineral. It has come to work with us at this time to show us our full power and strength. Having a great capacity to help our bodies deal with the technologies that we work with all day long this stone assists us to not feel drained but expanded by the technologies that we are exposed to all day and night. Shungite helps us ground, it protects us from EMF's (electrical magnetic fog) and environmental toxins. Sitting in our throat chakra area it creates a graceful integration of making a dream come into reality by activating our true genius. It is one of the most powerful stones in transmuting and harnessing electronic and environmental toxins into energy for our creative use. A good friend to have indeed. Because of dealing with another country to have access to this stone the price changes frequently. Presently these tumbled stones I am able to offer at an affordable price.


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