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Moon Cycles and Sacred Ritual Retreat
March 24th - 26th
in Eureka Springs, Arkansas
(Starting Friday evening at 6pm and ending Sunday afternoon at 3pm)
You are invited to join me for a weekend of rituals and learning to use the cycles of the moon to dive into deep self-exploration and reflection.

After offering this as a mini-workshop for many years, I have curated a group experience that is full of experiential learning, partner work, art, and opening the door to a world that is right at your fingertips...

This in-person retreat is being kept to an intimate maximum of 8 to explore a variety of interesting topics such as:

  • How to create conscious and aligned focus intentions for the year and each month.

  • Crystal grids and their various uses.

  • Ceremonies and rituals for healing using intention, light, crystals, and guidance. 

  • Connecting with the Kingdoms in Nature and the Totems that work with you creating your cloak of power. 

  • How the solstice and equinox dates create a spiral of growth inward and outward. 

  • We will also have some fun creating a wand that will represent the four elements to use when creating sacred space! 

  • As always meditation and sound bath journeys are a part of this rejuvenating weekend. 

  • Because we will be going on some deep journies in the evening I wish for all to stay in our home for integration and continued astral travel during sleep. 


Workshop, Meals, and Board for two nights

$325 shared bed with a friend (each)  or $435 single bed

Dinner is Served Friday night

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Saturday

Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday