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Azurite-Malachite #10

Rare specimens. Approximate size: 3"x1.5"x1"


Azurite-Malachite – Create a New Outlook

     This beautiful combination of Azurite and Malachite helps us fearlessly travel deep within so that we may see what our shadow is holding and blocking us from becoming more Light filled. A calm rational energy radiates from this stone as it helps you develop your intuition and psychic abilities. Your self-esteem will rise as it clears you and brings inspiration often during the dream time that flows out into your consciousness during the day.


     The energy radiated out from this stone encourages flexibility and to focus more on the good of all rather than the little separative self. We are able see our individuality while understanding the connection to the All simultaneously. A great protector from psychic attacks (those sending negative thoughts your way) and will patch up any weak points in your aura around your body this is a favorite bedside stone in my collection. It enables us to astral travel safely as we explore the vast experience of all that we are and so brings the awareness that we have been all things and compassion as we look about at our human family recognizing that we are all on this journey together and we have been all things good, bad, beautiful and ugly.


Cleansing, Charging and Setting Intention:

     This is a stone that does not need to be imprinted with an intention. It will assist you simply by placing it in your environment- preferably your bedside so that it may assist you in the transformation process of allowing a new way of thinking, feeling and being to fully anchor into your awareness.

This stone is very absorbent and will need to be cleansed often. Moonlight, earth and or a dry salt dish will cleanse the stone. Rinsing very carefully under warm water can remove dust. Keep this stone in a dark space to protect the color.


The Mineral Kingdom

     The mineral kingdom has been part of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual journey since our earliest recorded history. All over our world the wisdom of minerals are used for their properties of healing, connection and protection.

     Those who are open will receive the energy they share with humanity. The information shared is for metaphysical knowledge and not a medical replacement. Crystal Healing is best used as part of a holistic healing approach. Please enjoy this information and incorporate it into your journey of mastery. All stones will come to you cleansed and surrounded in love before arriving to your home.

Azurite-Malachite #10

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