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Ancestor's Retreat for Women

Ancestor Healing Retreat

Thursday, Oct. 27th to Sunday, Oct. 30th

Spaces Limited (Sold Out)



This retreat has been lovingly prepared by Susan and her long-time friend, fellow healer, and psychic medium Maria Verdeschi. 

We purposely chose the weekend before Samhain when the veil is thinnest between the world of the living and the other side. You will be immersed in nature, meditation, sound baths, crystals, art, writing, psychic openings, and sacred ritual as we heal generations and lifetimes of the divine feminine lowering her voice.

We will laugh loudly, burn intentions, create beautiful art, listen, explore past lifetimes, and talk with the fairies, wood gnomes, nymphs and sprites. As you open to communication with your ancestors you also open the way to hearing the mineral, animal, and plant kingdoms as well as the elements of

Air, Fire, Water & Earth.

The retreat is all-inclusive and includes a goodie bag full of fun surprises.   

Free time for those that wish to explore the magical town of Eureka Springs or nature walks will be on offer as well as some great nap spaces.

Pick up and Drop off from XNA, BKG or SGF Airports is available for those flying in.

Once you are confirmed, Susan will contact you to plan your trip to make it as seamless as possible.

All will receive a letter with a list of what to bring and other details. 


Here is a brief outline of our time together


Attendees will arrive in the afternoon starting at 3 pm and get settled in at Good Heart Studio. The first night we will gather at 5 pm and go on a long guided journey to meet an ancestor, blood and bone, or soul family that will be your guide throughout our time together.  

Dinner will be served and we will end the night with our first fire ritual. Those staying at the nearby Airbnb will be shuttled over once we finish for the night.


Breakfast from 8 am-10 am

First group gathering of the day

Meditation Soundbath and learning how to connect with loved ones on the other side. 

Lunch and Free time

Afternoon 2nd gathering

Learning the Art of Automatic writing


3rd Gathering

Journey into the Divine Feminine and Lifetimes of Wisdom

Fire Offering


Breakfast from 8 am -10 am

First Group gathering of the day: 

Meditation and Soundbath - Healing the Lineage and Messages with Maria 

Lunch and Free Time

Second group gathering:

Art to Honor the Ancestors and the Imprint we leave behind for those who come after us.


Celebration Dinner with the Ancestors 

Night Gathering Fire Ritual and Sharing Stories


8 am-10 am Breakfast and Pack up 

Final Gathering Meditation - Soundbath, Messages with the Ancestors, and Goodbyes

Finish at around 12 pm - Depending on Departures - Lunch and snacks will be provided.

Photos of Good Heart Studio and the Hen House and all the fun things we will do! 

Take a Look At A Few Photos From Past Retreats
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