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Community Online Meditation 
The 1st Rae Scholarship Fund

Anchoring in the New Light Frequencies

Sunday, April 5th, 2020

11 am - 12pm 



Hello Beautiful Souls!!!!!

Please join me for a beautiful guided meditation Sunday,

April 5th and connect with new and familiar faces and


I will guide you on a journey through your physical, emotional

and mental bodies merging them so that we as a group may

connect with the higher frequencies of Light. Together we create

a strong and safe channel to anchor in and radiate out the

higher consciousness of Unity into the Earth. 
These frequencies bring with them the understanding of our

intricate connection as souls and to all the kingdoms on the

Earth and are stirring up everything that we

have ever known. I am calling all of you that wish to join

together, focus and become a sacred container to anchor in 

this Light to our field of consciousness and then harmonize it

within the Light grid around the Earth. 

We will continue to radiate supportive loving energy out to humanity

to emerge with more grace and less fear. 

Please invite anyone you feel would enjoy being a part of this special meditation. 

I will guide you through each and every step. 

What am I donating to? 
The 1st Rae Scholarship Fund was created in memory of my dear friend Lotus Rae, a student and teacher of the wisdom who suddenly passed away in 2017.

This fund is used to help those pay for classes or workshops who could not otherwise afford to attend and so helps me offer scholarships to programs that I or teachers that are affiliated with Good Heart Studio are offering. I have found that if students know there is a fund they are more likely to ask for help and continue with classes or attend a workshop they are called to.

If you would simply like to make a donation towards this fund to support spiritual education but are not able to join us, a heartfelt THANK YOU! All money received from this event will go towards this fund. I will announce the money raised after the event and begin to offer scholarships to future workshops. 

Last year we raised $394 dollars which helped several students this past year continue with their classes when in between jobs. Every little bit helps. 

Thank you!!





lotus and susan.jpg

Lotus Rae and Susan in 2016