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Master Crystal Healing Set and Layout





















Many years and study have led to this beautiful layout of crystals and stones to hold, place on and around your body. This layout has been created with love and assistance of many clients, colleagues and individuals who have a passion, as do I, in working with the Mineral Kingdom. 


The stones and crystals that have offered their assistance in this layout are very excited to work with and support you on your path to open and explore. The intention of meditating with this layout is to create Mastery and Integration of the Ego. As you receive the healing images and messages from this layout and become conscious of your actions it allows you to flow with wisdom, harmony, love and peace in this world.     

This set, you will notice, is specialized in bringing about that which has been hidden, places in which we justify or deceive ourselves.  Both our positive gifts and attributes as well as our shadow side that may manipulate and control are highlighted so that we may integrate our ego with our spirit. My wish is that you stand tall and take your place as a powerful light worker on this Earth! Use these stones with the intention to transmute the shadow into empowerment and ask to receive positive support so that you consciously radiate and share your wisdom with confidence.


You may use the guided meditation offered on this website or allow yourself to create an intention of what you are focusing on, lay the stones on and around you and simply listen. All the stones that need cleansing may be cleansed with pure love and light as you hold them in your hands. However, some have favorite ways of cleansing and re-energizing when you have more time to offer. You can find this information within the descriptions of each stone here. Each stone individually has healing to share in its own right.


Much gratitude goes to Judy Hall, Melody and Gemisphere for their pioneering work that I have found invaluable as well as reassuring of my own experience of listening to what these beings have to share with us.

Auric Field: Nuumite

Higher Self/Spirit: Amethyst Point/Lepidolite/Labradorite

Crown: Prehnite



Third Eye Chakra: Lapis Lazuli

Eyes: Blue Lace Agate

Ears: Shungite 

Throat Chakra: Kyanite



Heart: Amazonite and Rose Quartz

Higher Solar Plexus: Citrine Point

Solar Plexus: Yellow Jasper and Sulfur

Sacral: Carnelian

Knees: Tiger's Eye

Root: Garnet and Black Tourmaline



Hands: Clear quartz points 

Feet: Hematite 

Earth: Shaman Stone and Agate Plate

Master Healing Set Stones 


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